The saying is two birds one stone, right? It means that two problems are solved with one solution. But our team includes passionate environmentalists as well as community development workers, and we wanted to create an industry that truly makes a positive impact on all aspects of the supply chain, across the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. 

Three Birds One Stone is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals, their families and their communities. Our work reflects our belief that everyone has the right to health care, education and a life free of violence and exploitation. We also believe that all workers should be provided with a safe work environment and be paid a living wage.

So what’s the problem?

Most of the world's clothing is produced by garment workers in countries like Cambodia where unscrupulous companies have all the bargaining power in a global marketplace. They have the power to hire local workers to produce clothing for very low wages, often under shocking conditions, knowing that the workers have no other work options. With minimal income, their families also suffer as they live in poverty without being able to afford basic human rights like health care and education. These types of industries also often neglect environmental issues. This is evident in the huge amounts of toxic chemicals used to produce clothing which are released into waterways, where they cause untold damage to human health and the environment.

There is a better way!

Imagine if, instead of huge clothing factories, we had a network of local community-run co-ops offering fair wages and improved working conditions in places where people actually enjoyed working. Instead of fabrics manufactured in an unsustainable and polluting manner, we had sustainably produced, soft, organic fibre. Instead of ongoing environmental contamination legacies, we had traditional farming practices that nourished soils and helped clean up our rivers. Instead of profits being used to make large corporations even richer, they were reinvested back into local communities, to fund local projects that provide basic healthcare, clean water and sanitation for some of the world's poorest people. 


By supporting Three Birds One Stone you are directly helping to make this happen!   

We are a social enterprise that aims to impact the lives of the people and communities we work with through sustainable employment and the reinvestment of 100% of profits back into the Cambodian community!

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