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We work with disadvantaged and vulnerable Cambodian artisans and tailors to help bring their work to a global market.


We focus on socially and environmentally sustainable products that are produced by community owned and run co-ops according to Fair Trade principles. 

We donate 100% of our profits back into grass roots projects that focus on healthcare, education and sanitation.


We believe that every worker is entitled to a living wage and safe working conditions.


For this reason, we only work with groups who have adopted Fair Trade principles and have achieved, or are working towards certification.  

We source products that have a neutral or positive impact on the environment.


We use organic, sustainably farmed materials and rescue materials discarded as waste.  


We use naturally occurring products and plant-based dyes, utilise invasive species, and do not contribute to the degradation of the local environment and its ecological systems. 

It's simple, help us spread the word. Tell your family, friends and colleagues, make a purchase and make an impact!